How we do it

Dawkins Enforcement Agents know and understand that you will expect efficient, state of art IT systems to be used on your behalf. We are also acutely aware that what you want most of all is a hands on personal services.

So Dawkins Enforcement Agents undertaken that you deal with a Director of the company or a nominated account manager who will always be available to provide additional advice or intelligence over and above our standard reporting procedures.

We recognise that each client is different – not only in make-up but the way he or she works. We have found that our clients like the fact we are able to adapt our systems procedures to meet their needs in a tailored way. There is, as they say, more than one way of skinning a cat and we want to explore the best possible way for you.

Instruct us online

To instruct Dawkins to collect Rent Arrears on your behalf instruct us online by clicking on the links below: